Live ATC

Below you will find lots of links to Radio Scanners with live streams on the web. You will need the Flash plugin for your browser. to play streams. Almost all of the streams are from If you don’t find the one you are looking for go over there and do a search. Some of them are from independent webmasters. The feeds are low bandwidth feeds to you shouldn’t have any problem listening on a dial up connection. It’s not quite as nice as having your own scanning radio near a busy airport, but it is the next best thing. I hope you enjoy our collection of what I consider the best on the web. Thanks For Tuning in at! *** Note: A lot of these links are now fixed and Live again.. Please let me know if you find more dead links or have some live ones I should add to this page. Thanks!

Live ATC Feeds from :

Atlantic Oceanic HF Live Feed

KCLE -Cleveland Hopkins airport

KCVG – Tower/Ground – Cincinnati / Northern KY

KCVG Approach -Cincinnati / Northern KY

KDEN -Denver International

KDTW – Detroit Metro Airport

KFJK – New York Delivery / Ground

KJFK -New York Tower

KJFK – New York arrival / departure

KLAS – Las Vegas, NV

KMCO/KORL – Orlando Fl

KPHL – Philadelphia, PA Tower

KPHL – Philadelphia, PA Approach

NORCAL – KSFO Approach

KBTV – Burlington, VT

KCMH – Columbus, OH

KMDW -Chicago Midway

KPBI – Palm Beach, FL

PALH -Anchorage, AK

KTVC – Cherry Capitol Airport Traverse City Michigan